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Eco at Heart is built from a small but mighty team of 3 globe trotters and adventures, Stu the tech guy, Davina the ideas lady and Me, Emily the one that does everything else….at the moment we are based in Bali and New Zealand. 

Whilst spending more time in Bali Indonesia it was clear that single use plastic was too much of an easy (lazy) option both for tourists and locals, and from what we could see the biggest contributor to this was straws.

Strewn across the beaches (even now, but hopefully not as many) are old and new plastic straws that have been used for just 20 minutes in every juice, smoothie, coconut and even soup ....and as cliche as it may sound, seeing this, is what pushed us to create Eco at Heart.

Now here we all are running a business that loves to share its passion about sustainability. Welcome to Eco at Heart the company that likes to obsess about less. We may not be perfect but we like to think we're pretty close to it!