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The earth belongs to our children

We are simply borrowing it from them.

We care about the earth and want to take care of it so that our children can enjoy its beauty, as we have, for many generations to come. 

As our name suggests, all of our products are truly Eco at Heart. We take care at every step of our journey to ensure each product we create has our planet at the forefront of its development. From our packaging to final products and shipping, we use both recycled and recyclable papers, with plant based inks, organic materials, no glues or plastic, and ensure sustainable practices.

Birth is magical

The process of giving birth is a natural event and one that's necessary for the survival of our species. It's not meant to be feared, but to be admired and embraced.

We are passionate about spreading this message as we believe that if more women are able to connect with their inner wisdom and have births that leave them feeling empowered, the less birth will be feared. In its place will be strong women, full of awe towards themselves and their bodies, raising their children who know their power and embrace birth. This is world changing.

Babies are human

Infants, toddlers, children and adolescents are all human. It's easy for this to be overlooked in our society and we are led to believe that children are lesser than us. 

We believe all children have the same rights as adults and hope to encourage others to join us on this path. We hope for a future where all children are treated with respect and can be seen for the individuals they are.

Mamas need support

All mamas (and especially new mamas) need a village to lean on. During pregnancy, birth and postnatally, they need nourishment, love, and someone to listen. But it doesn't stop there. As the children grow, the challenges change and emotions can take over, leaving it all feeling overwhelming at times. Having support is important so that each mama can thrive during this time.

Our community is here for this reason. To support one another, to share stories and experiences, to celebrate when things are great and to listen when times are hard.

We are here for you mama.