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[Q: Do your straws come with a cleaner?]

A: Yes! Each pack comes with a straw cleaner and straw cleaner is 100% natural too no more nasty synthetic fibres.


[Q: Do you ship internationally?]

A: Yes we do! Please select your country at check out to find out the cost to ship to your destination.


[Q: Are your straws food grade?]

A: Yes! 100% food grade we only use 18/8 stainless steel.


[Q: How many straws are in a pack?]

A: For all the smoothie straw designs there is 5 straws a pack and for the juice straw designs there are 8 straws a pack.


[Q: Can I put my straws in the dishwasher?]

A: Yes please visit our Care Instructions page HERE.


[Q: Will my straws break easily?]

A: Nope. Our Eco at Heart Stainless Steel straws are made of 18/8 Grade Stainless Steel, which makes them extremely durable and very long lasting. They won’t break or rust so you and your family can enjoy using them for years to come!


[Q: Will they make my drink taste metallic?]

A: No, when you use our straws there's no metallic aftertaste. Using food grade stainless steel ensures there is no metallic taste. Our straws are also BPA free and non-toxic.


[Q: Can the makeup remover pads go in the washing machine?]

A: Yes you can use the net bag to keep them all together please see our care instructions HERE.


[Q: What are the makeup pads made from?]

A: Bamboo, with an inside layer of 100% cotton. One side is extra soft and the other side slightly more abrasive.