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co at Heart's goals are every growing, we’ve got big dreams you see... however here are a few things we feel are currently the most important!

NO.1 Community
We want to create the largest community of eco conscious beings! By collectively sharing ideas with in our Eco at Heart community and to those around us we want to spread the word of zero waste! Allowing people to connect and meet up for beach clean-ups where ever you are in the world is one our biggest Eco at Heart goals.

NO.2 Local
We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure our products are flawless. In this same way, we're always looking to improve sustainability and ensure our suppliers exceed all environment and labour laws. We care for those around us, so we want to work with more companies and manufactures that are closer to home; meaning our products will need less shipping.

NO.3 Satisfaction
Of course it goes with out saying that we want to continue with our outstanding customer care. This is goal number 3, we want to personally hear from as many of you as we can. Maintaining our company and listening to our customers to take any feedback on board is a key contributor to us moving towards a more sustainable planet.