Where It Started.

Traveling to Bali is what sparked Eco at Heart. Stu and Davina are the founders of Eco at Heart, a couple that wanted contributed to the good of the environment on a global scale.

Indonesia is home to the most plastic in the world, and this was highlighted on their first trip to Bali in 2014. There was (and still is) mass amounts of plastic in rivers and ditches, but what really shocked Stu and Davina were the plastic covered beaches. As a holiday destination this 'side' to travel is not normally displayed.

Whilst spending more time in Bali it was clear that single use plastic was too much of an easy (lazy) option both for tourists and locals, and from what they could see the biggest contributor to this was straws. Strewn across the beaches (even now, but hopefully not as many) are old and new plastic straws that have been used each day for just 20 minutes in every juice, smoothie, coconut and even soup ....and this is when Eco at Heart was born!

Why Choose Eco at Heart

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What We Do

To positively contribute to the environment is Eco at Hearts number one priority.

We strive to encourage the use of zero waste products and educate people on the benefits of reusable items for the environment and as the consumer.

Using social media (tag IG account) as a platform to highlight this single use plastic epidemic that we're all currently facing we are able to educate on how to reverse this and help our planet.

Seeing and hearing the responses and interactions we get from our customers and followers displays this ever growing community of eco warriors. The support we receive from our tribe of followers pushes us further to do more beach clean ups, donations and to educate local communities.

Here are a few things that Eco at Heart can proudly say they have done to contribute to the good.

Beach clean ups Educating local communities Donations Sharing tips and ideas on how to live zero waste Being apart of 1% for the planet

Giving Back to Nature

Spreading the good.

Although Eco at Heart works in many ways to help local communities, businesses and individuals to become more sustainable we are also proudly apart of Treespace - to restore the natural balance. 

Treespace is an environmental enterprise developed to enable large scale reforestation and ecological restoration.

Giving Back to Nature

Our Mission

NO.1 Community

We want to create the largest community of eco conscious beings! By collectively sharing ideas within our Eco at Heart community and to those around us we want to spread the word of good! Allowing people to connect and meet up for beach clean-ups where ever you are in the world is one our biggest Eco at Heart goals.

NO.2 Local
We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure our products are flawless. In this same way, we're always looking to improve sustainability and work with our suppliers to make sure all environment and labour laws are acknowledged and followed. Although our straws are the best you can get your eco hands on there is not a manufacture based closer to us, our straws are currently manufactured in Asia. And this is where our second goal comes in... we want our products to be as locally produced as possible to save on all those extra co2 emissions.

NO.3 Satisfaction
Of course it goes with out saying that we want to continue with our outstanding customer care. This is goal number 3, we want to personally hear back from as many of you as we can. Maintaining our company and listening to our customers to take any feedback on board is a key contributor to us moving towards a more sustainable planet.

We want to create the largest community of eco conscious beings! By collectively sharing ideas within our Eco at Heart community and to those around us we want to spread the word of good!