Scientific Breakthrough

Our scientists have made our vitamins water soluble, this ensures the powerful ingredients are absorbed into the body in the quickest and easiest way. It also makes it easy to add to any food, beverage or drink directly.

Eco at Heart's Shop

9 x Cotton Produce Bags

Ideal for anyone who is wanting to make the move to a more sustainable lifestyle.

A perfect alternative to regular disposable plastic produce bags, which easily tare, and never biodegrade.

- 9-pack with 3 size variations

- 100% plastic-free

- Premium quality organic cotton

- Multi-use and machine washable

Bent & Extra Wide Smoothie Straws

Our Bent Smoothie Straws are perfectly designed - even for those extra thick smoothie lovers out there.

The bent design allows you to sip with ease.

We only use 18/8 food grade stainless steel, so our straws never leave a metallic after-taste.

- Set of 5 Bent Smoothie Straws with cleaning brush

- 18/8 food grade stainless steel

- Bent design for easy use

- Dishwasher safe

- BPA and toxic free

Extra Wide Smoothie Straws

Just like you, we like to cram every bit of goodness into our smoothies, resulting in an extra delicious and extra thick smoothie.

That’s why we made our straws wider than others on the market. We’ve just made it a whole lot easier for you to enjoy your smoothie get up. You’re welcome.

- Set of 5 straws & x one cleaning brush

- Extra wide for smoothies

- Bend, break and rust proof

- Plastic-free packaging 

      Two-Sided Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

      The two sided makeup remover pads (and we know you'll love both sides).

      Side 1. Ultra soft bamboo; perfect for areas like your eyes that need a bit more TLC when it comes to removing your makeup, 

      Side 2. Bamboo Flannel, still super soft but allows you to scrub a bit deeper into those pore of yours. Helping you remove all old makeup and dirt. 

      Each packs comes with 14 x 3.5in pads and a wash bag.

      Thin & Long Juice Straws

      This set of thin stainless steel straws are non-toxic, BPA and chemical free.

      We've use only the best 18/8 stainless steel so there is no metallic taste from our straws.

      Thin design for juices and cocktails, 0.23in diameter 8.5in length

      - 8-pack of thin stainless steel straws.
      - Bottle brush cleaner included.
      - Bend, break and rust proof.
      - Easy to clean & dishwasher safe – mini bottle brush included.
      - BPA free & non-toxic.
      - Comes in plastic free packaging.

        Our promise to you: No compromise. Ever.

        We take quality seriously. Why? We know that quality products last longer and work better, our goal is to help people purchase less. Minimising their waste and maximising their cash. Simple. The entire Eco at Heart team personally uses every single product that we sell. If it doesn’t pass our standards, we don’t sell it. We put our customers first, and we stand by our service and the quality of every single item that we offer. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, please contact us.